About Bakirkoy

About Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy is a county of Istanbul Province and it is on European part and western shore of Istanbul. it has an advantageous place as a county and it is a historically significant county. Bakirkoy is one of the most active and modern counties of Istanbul. County offers a quality life with modern and certified housing projects and ease of transportation to the different parts of Istanbul. It is a centre for railways, seaways and landlines. Most important highways of Turkey, namely E-5 and TEM both congest on the county.

About Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy in istanbul

Bakirkoy has docks connecting it to the world and to the other parts of Istanbul via City Transportation Services. Also subway runs underneath Bakirkoy. Bakirkoy is surrounded by E-5 highway at the north, Marmara Sea at south, Zeytinburnu County and Cirpici River at the east and Kucukcekmece, Gungoren and Bahcelievler Counties at the west and northwest. Bakirkoy contains 15 neighbourhoods. Centre of Bakirkoy is composed of Atakoy, Yesilkoy and Florya Districts. Atakoy gets attention for its greenery, resting facilities, trekking and sightseeing routes, shopping malls, cultural and social institutions. It is the place with greatest amount of human traffic and Atakoy also is the most influential district of Bakirkoy County. Yesilkoy and Florya have a different kind of beauty with villas and gets interest from citizens of Istanbul with their famous restaurants. Before 1989 Bakirkoy County was one of the biggest Counties of Istanbul but after other counties were separated from it Bakirkoy County now exists on 29,22 square kilometres of territory.  Bakirkoy County has three great rivers in its borders one of them is Cirpici River. Cirpici River spans 5 other counties other than Bakirkoy (Bagcılar, Gungoren, Esenler, Zeytinburnu, Bayrampasa) and it is nearly 21,5 kilometres. Two offshoots of the river are contained in Bakirkoy County. Length of these two parts are 2.5 km and 2.9 km respectively for a total of 5.4 km. Other river is Siyavuspasa River. Its length in Bakirkoy’s borders is 2.4 km. The third one Ayamama River’s total length is 20 km. 3.5 km of it is contained in Bakirkoy Counties borders. Ataturk Grove in Florya District is a frequented picnic and recreational area of Bakirkoy. It is maintained by Istanbul City Municipality directly and there are 2 parks and social facilities maintained by Municipality inside the grove, namely Ronepark and Ataturk Park. Aside from these there are 91 Parks inside the county. This number is rarely seen and higher than average amongst Istanbul’s counties.

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Historical Information

منطقة باكيركوي
Bakirkoy Center

Historically Bakirkoy was built as a place of recreation and holiday by Byzantine Emperor Konstantin. Its name was Septimum back then. It was changed to Mekrohere before Ottoman Empire and called by the name Makrikoy in Ottoman Empire until 1925. It became Bakirkoy with the Turkish Republic. Especially Cevizlik, Yenimahalle and Sakizagaci Neighbourhoods of Bakirkoy has lots of buildings with a historical architecture because of being the oldest settlements in the county. There are awe inspiring, breath-taking forms of historical architecture just waiting to be seen.

Population, Education and Healthcare of the County

Bakirkoy Square

Population of Bakirkoy is 222 thousand 370 according to data from Turkish Statistical Institution (TUIK). 104 thousand 52 of them are male while 118 thousand 318 are female. Bakirkoy is 6th county with the lowest population in Istanbul. Bakirkoy is one of the foremost counties in terms of education there are lots of public schools and private ones. 99% of the population are literate and there are literacy courses provided by Peoples’ Education Directorate for the remaining 1% to become literate people. City Educational Directorate runs programs to have every child in Bakirkoy’s borders to attend schools. There is also religious diversity in Bakirkoy’s populace. There are 2 Armenian Chapels, 2 Rumenian Chapels, 2 Sumerian Chapels, a Synagogue and 24 Mosques in Bakirkoy County. Lots of hospitals offer a great healthcare for the citizens of the county. These hospitals work with quality service standards. There are 10 hospitals in the county. 4 of them are public hospitals while 6 of them belongs to the private sector. Aside from hospitals there are institutions like Tuberculosis Dispensary, Mother and Child Healthcare and Family Planning Education Centre, Youth Health Services Centre, City Public Health Laboratories, City Tuberculosis Laboratory. Also AMATEM, Istanbul’s best drug rehabilitation facility is inside Bakirkoy’s borders.

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Economic situation of Bakirkoy is tilted to consuming rather than producing. There are seldom any places meant for production either industrial or agricultural. Having a shore to the sea is a great advantage for Bakirkoy. People choose Bakirkoy often to set up offices or live in. There are lots of businesses from every sector in the county. There are 123 bank branches, 74 jewellers, 11 exchange offices, 12 touristic hotels, 18 first class, 7 second class, 7 special facilities and 32 certified restaurants. Also Ukraine, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan Consulates are also inside Bakirkoy’s borders. World Trade Center Bureau is also in Bakirkoy. Commerce is also one of the most important aspects of Bakirkoy’s economy. There are lots of shopping malls in Bakirkoy also centre of the Bakirkoy contains lots of shops. Atakoy Atrium, Atlikarinca, Capacity, Atakoy Plus, Flyn, Printemps, Fame City and Galeria are some of the most prominent shopping malls and entertainment centres of Bakirkoy County. There is also the Marina. Those are places frequented by tourists both domestic and foreign. Especially Galeria and Fame City has lots to offer for children in terms of entertainment, games and social activities. Yearly Average for Housing in Bakirkoy

Average Gross Space 130 m2
Average Unit Pricing 8.734 ₺/m2
Average Prices 1.135.420
Amortization Period 33 years

Variance by number of rooms

Rooms Space Unit Price Price Amortization
1+1 60 m2 8.688 ₺/m2 521.280 25 years
2+1 90 m2 7.092 ₺/m2 638.280 28 years

Prices of houses for sale by neighbourhoods of Bakirkoy County

Neighbourhoods December 2018  Yearly Average  Amortization  Difference
Atakoy 1. Section 10.646 ₺/m2 10.784 ₺/m2 41 years % 5,78
Atakoy 2-5-6. Section 19.982 ₺/m2 19.588 ₺/m2 65 years % 7,29
Atakoy 3-4-11. Section 7.360 ₺/m2 7.421 ₺/m2 29 years % -3,70
Atakoy 7-8-9-10. Section 9.015 ₺/m2 9.087 ₺/m2 27 years % -6,01
Basinkoy 9.952 ₺/m2 9.837 ₺/m2 42 years % 0,78

Prices of houses for sale in Bakirkoy County

Neighbourhoods December 2018  Yearly Average Amortization Difference 
Zuhuratbaba 6.443 ₺/m2 6.370 ₺/m2 30 years % 10,25  
Zeytinlik 5.698 ₺/m2 5.767 ₺/m2 26 years % 1,42  
Yesilyurt 16.705 ₺/m2 16.594 ₺/m2 53 years % 4,48  
Yesilkoy 13.312 ₺/m2 12.879 ₺/m2 44 years % 8,21  
Yenimahalle 4.490 ₺/m2 4.522 ₺/m2 23 years % -2,16  

Price, amortization and space averages of the Bakirkoy County sorted by neighbourhoods. Average house for sale in Bakirkoy has 130 square meters of space. Number of houses available for purchase went down 4.77% in the last year. Average unit pricing for houses is 8.734 TL per square meter. Average amortization period of houses is 33 years. By the December 2018 Senlikkoy, Zuhuratbaba, Yesilkoy, Atakoy 2-5-6th sections and Cevizlik are the neighbourhoods with greatest rise in house prices in descending order. While Atakoy 7-8-9-10th Sections, Yenimahalle, Basinkoy and Zeytinlik are the neighbourhoods with greatest fall in house prices also in descending order of fall in prices. Fastest places of amortization and therefore getting your investment back by profits are in descending order Atakoy 2-5-6th sections, Yesilyurt, Senlikkoy, Yesilkoy and Basinkoy. Slowest places to gain profits are Yenimahalle, Cevizlik, Zeytinlik, Osmaniye and Atakoy 7-8-9-10th sections with Yenimahalle being the slowest

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