About Buyukcekmece

بويوك شكمجة, عقارات, تركيا, اسطنبول, Buyukcekmece

About Buyukcekmece

Buyukcekmece County, a county to the west of Istanbul is neighbours to Silivri County on the west, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü Counties on the east and Çatalca, Arnavutköy Counties to the north and county has a shore to the Marmara Sea on the south.

Territory of the county spans 196 square kilometres. County also has a big lake which is also name “Buyukcekmece Lake”.

Buyukcekmece County has 24 neighbourhoods. Until 2008, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü Counties and Bahçeşehir Region were also part of Buyukcekmece County.

Buyukcekmece’s population is 243.474 people according to 2017 data. But because of Buyukcekmece being one of the most important summer vacation spot in Istanbul, summer and winter populations differ.

Summer population of the county climbs to between 750 and 800 thousand people.

It is a place where lots of people in Istanbul spend their summers.

There are also foreign tourists from closer countries.

بويوك شكمجة, عقارات, تركيا, اسطنبول, Buyukcekmece

About Buyukcekmece

There are 35.401 buildings in county’s borders and 120.643 houses. County has 73 factories and 18.076 business places. 20 thousand workers are working in these factories.

17 banks have 43 branch offices and there are 12 PTT (Post, Telephone and Telegraph Institution of Turkey) offices.

There are also 23 hotels, large shopping malls and lots of shops. Spiking population in summers also revitalize Buyukcekmece County’s economy and social life.

There are cultural activities done on Kültürpark, which was built on the place of a historical caravansary on the centre of the county.

Industry is growing rapidly in Buyukcekmece County.

There are lots of certified house construction projects going on in the county especially along the shoreline.

Service industry grows especially in summers. Lots of people are employed during holiday seasons for catering to the visitors.

Big stores, entertainment centres and TÜYAP Fair Centre revitalizes county’s economy a great deal.

Number of Farmer families were 163 in 2018.

There are 35 hectares of farming grounds, 5.9 hectares of fruit cultivation grounds, 285 hectares of vegetable farming area, 126 hectares of pastures and 16 hectares of forest-grove area in the county.

Electricity of Buyukcekmece County is supplied by Ambarlı, Hadımköy, Beylikdüzü and Tepecik electricity production plants.

Every home has access to electricity. After end of 2003, natural gas was also supplied to the county.

بويوك شكمجة, عقارات, تركيا, اسطنبول, Buyukcekmece

Education and Sports

Literacy rate is really high in the county. There are no settlements without a school within the county.

County has 3 private universities, 1 peoples’ education centre, 1 job education centre aside from 78 public schools and institutions.

Also county has 130 private education facilities, 18 of them are elementary schools, 31 of them are private high schools, 63 of them private kindergartens.

Number of sportive activities are also high in the county.

Demir İnşaat Buyukcekmece Basketball team represents the county on Tahincioğlu Basketball League and Tepecik Football Club represents the county on TFF 3. Football League.

Also there are lots of amateur sports teams in the county.

Youth and Sports Directorate is also within the county.

There are 1 indoor sports hall, schools have 19 sports halls. 4 of the private schools have indoor swimming pools and 3 sportive horse riding facilities maintained by private sector.

بويوك شكمجة, عقارات, تركيا, اسطنبول, Buyukcekmece

Healthcare of the County

Buyukcekmece County also has a good standard when it comes to the healthcare.

Buyukcekmece State Hospital with 250 beds capacity and Beylikdüzü State Hospital with 360 bed capacity is within the county.

Also there is a new hospital called Mimaroba State Hospital opened recently. There is also a state run dental hospital, and family health centres.

Historical Information

Buyukcekmece County’s history goes back to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

It was a popular summer vacation spot back then. Buyukcekmece was a district, part of Çatalca County before it became a county in 1987.

Centre of Buyukcekmece County was called Atirus or Atira back in Byzantine Empire’s time.

Before Mimar Sinan Bridge was set up, transportation on the canal connecting Buyukcekmece Lake to the Marmara Sea was done by small boats.

After bridge was built it became the mainstream form of Transportation.

This bridge still exits to this day without any damage. County was historically a resting place for armies and travellers because of its position.

There are lots of historical remains of inns, caravansaries, public baths in the county.

Some notable historical places are:

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Bridge: This bridge exists between the County and Mimar Sinan.

This historical bridge is a unique piece which came to our day without damages.

Historically this bridge was important for the trade, it is on the path connecting Istanbul to the Europe and stands on the place connecting Buyukcekmece Lake to the Marmara Sea.

Sultan Süleyman Caravansary – Kurşunlu Inn: This caravansary is called ‘kurşunlu’ because it was originally covered with lead (lead means kurşun in Turkish).

It is categorised as closed type caravansaries without an outdoors main hall.

Oldest caravansaries in Turkish history belongs to the Karahan period of Turkish History. This type of architecture was brought to Anatolia by Seljuk Turks.

Yearly Average for Housing in Buyukcekmece

Average Gross Space 140 m2
Average Unit Pricing 3.057 ₺/m2
Average Prices 427.980
Amortization Period 27 years

Variance by number of rooms

Rooms Space Unit Price Price Amortization
1+0 45 m2 2.861 ₺/m2 128.745 0
1+1 75 m2 3.008 ₺/m2 225.600 22 years
2+1 95 m2 2.911 ₺/m2 276.545 25 years

Prices of houses for sale by neighbourhoods of Buyukcekmece County

Neighbourhoods December 2018  Yearly Average Amortization Difference 
19 Mayıs 3.003 ₺/m2 2.926 ₺/m2 26 years % 11,89
Alkent 2000 5.954 ₺/m2 6.157 ₺/m2 42 years % 25,14
Atatürk 3.129 ₺/m2 3.122 ₺/m2 27 years % 4,30
Bahçelievler 3.424 ₺/m2 3.662 ₺/m2 36 years % 8,49
Celaliye 2.292 ₺/m2 2.350 ₺/m2 24 years % -3,49
Yenimahalle 2.319 ₺/m2 2.352 ₺/m2 21 years % 00.00
Ulus 2.311 ₺/m2 2.327 ₺/m2 31 yıl % 2,30
Türkoba 3.553 ₺/m2 3.315 ₺/m2 39 yıl % 29,15
Sinanoba 3.374 ₺/m2 3.133 ₺/m2 29 yıl % 10,77
Pınartepe 3.536 ₺/m2 3.506 ₺/m2 31 yıl % 16,20

Price, amortization and space averages of the Buyukcekmece County sorted by neighbourhoods.

Average house for sale in Buyukcekmece has 140 square meters of space.

Price of houses available for purchase went up 8.58% in the last year.

Average unit pricing for houses in Buyukcekmece is 3.057 TL per square meter.

The Average amortization period of houses is 27 years.

By the December 2018 Türkoba, Karaağaç, Alkent 2000, Güzelce and Pınartepe are the neighbourhoods with greatest rise in house prices in descending order.

While Celaliye, Mimar Sinan Merkez, Yenimahalle, Ulus and Cumhuriyet are the neighbourhoods with greatest fall in house prices also in descending order of fall in prices.

Fastest places of amortization and therefore getting your investment back by profits are in descending order Alkent 2000, Karaağaç, Türkoba, Güzelce and Bahçelievler.

Slowest places to gain profits are Yenimahalle, Kamiloba, Celaliye, Çakmaklı and Kumburgaz with Yenimahalle being the slowest in all of Buyukcekmece.

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