About Esenyurt

About Esenyurt

İstanbul is one of the privileged cities in the world cities, surely everone wants to live one day. And Esenyurt where is located in Europe side, is the county of this beutiful city. In 2008, Esenyurt had the county status by leaving from Büyükçekmece where it was connected to before.


Although Esenyurt is between Büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece geographically, it has no coast on the sea or lakes. Esenyurt county which is the one of the most crowded town of İstanbul, consists of 450 thousand people. The total surface area of the county is 2.770 km2 and the number of neighborhood is 20. The historical background on Esenyurt county, is based on the settlement which was established on Ekrem Ömer Pasha’s farm land in the early 19 th century.

At the same period, Eşkinoz people who  are the one of shareholders of this settlement, was shown with the name Eşkinoz. Afterwards in 1967, name of the resulting settlement was modified Esenyurt and has survived to this day. The first settlement of the region was located in Center Neighborhood of Köyiçi. In Esenyurt, immigrant neighborhood which is located in the north of Centre neighborhood where Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants resident by arriving in the region between 1920-1938, has the property for being one of the oldest residental areas of the region.

Esenyurt county is coming on the top of the most preferred districts of İstanbul with its modern structuring and crowded populatiın density. County is located in Trakya sub-region of Marmara region. Esenyurt has a border with Küçükçekmece Lake in the east, Büyükçekmece Lake in the west, Hoşdere town and TEM highway in the north, Firüzköy and E-5 highway in the south.


Esenyurt, which is one of the largest counties of İstanbul in terms of facial measurement, is also very crowded settlement in point of its population. Esenyurt county in where there are lots of offices and working places as much as houses for living, continues to be a very assertive living place as a new face of change with its modern urbanization structure and numerous branded housing projects. Esenyurt county which is located within the boundaries of İstanbul, offers easy and fast transportation to every place by means of its privileged location and advantageous border.

On the other hand, a link road which connecting the E-5 highway and TEM (E-6) highway, passes through the Esenyurt and divides the county into two. Esenyurt Municipality was officially established in 1989 and when the Metropolitan Municipality Law No 5216 was accepted in 10 July 2004, Esenyurt was connected to İstanbul Metropolitian Municipality with its first stage municipial status.


In the east of Esenyurt there is Avcılar county, in the west Büyükçekmece county, in the north Başakşehir and Arnavutköy counties, and in the south Beylikdüzü county is located. Because of the rough land on which the county is located, there are no forests and similar green areas in the boundary of the county, due to its geographical location.


It is very easy to reach from many counties of İstanbul to Esenyurt which has the multiple alternatives in terms of transportation. By way of Istanbul Airport, Esenyurt allows you to reach many countries and cities in a short time. Transportation is also very easy in the countywide. By way of its metro, it is possible to travel quickly to any place in İstanbul. In addition to these, public transportation by buses, minibuses and taxis working continiously between the counties also enable transportation in the county without any problem.


There are many social and cultural opportunities in Esenyurt county. In this context, it is very possible and easy to find a suitable or social cultural activity for everyone living in this county. Because of the geographic area of Esenyurt which consists of rough lands, it is deprived of the forests and green area especially. But, the county attaches importance to various environmental regulations in the meaning of overcoming the defiencies that are born. Because of this, in Esenyurt county, large parks and important environmental and landscape designs are maden in this respect so as to satisfy the need for green area.


  • Esenyurt Culture and Art Center
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Esenyurt Hamsi Fish Festival
  • Spring Festival
  • Esenyurt Festival Festivity Activity
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park
  • Esenyurt Shopping Festival
  • Independence Festivity

Esenyurt which is the one of the largest counties in terms of surface area and also the one of the crowded counties of İstanbul, is very pleased and colorful county in the sense of life and culture.

Esenyurt is a big modern county where the people from every culture and from every walk of life live together with harmony, is one of the populer destinations of people with its central location. Esenyurt which is famous with its shopping centers which are found in the boundaries and have different concepts, is a center of attraction for shopping enthusiasts.

RECEP TAYYİP ERDOĞAN PARK : This park which is being in Esenyurt, is one of the place that must be seen due to its architecture and landscaping. In Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park there are lots of sport and social activity areas and various cafe and restaurants. Also there are Turkish bath, Fin Bath, sauna, swimming pool and also medical building in the park. The park offers everthing together which are wanted from the people who miss the peace in the busyness of city.

ESENYURT CULTURE AND ART CENTER: In Esenyurt county, The Culture and Art Center which is attracted notice with its modern architecture on the boulevard, has two large cinema saloons which are equipped with the latest technology. The Culture and Art Center also includes a multipurpose saloon for 850 person, an exhibition and gallery saloon, a cafeteria and library with hundreds of books.

PELİT CHOCOLATE MUSEUM: One of the most interesting places you can visit in Esenyurt is Pelit Chocolate Museum. Also this museum has the property of being the world’s first chocolate museum. Pelit Chocolate Museum is located in the boundaries of Esenyurt county. In the museum you have the chance to see different objects and works which are maden from chocolate. On the other hand, while you are visiting the museum, you will also have a chance to see how the chocolate making. Pelit Chocolate Museum where lots of chocolate species come together, especially is a must-see place for chocolate lovers. The museum is open to welcome visitors every day.

Annual Avarages For Housing In Esenyurt In İstanbul

Avarage Gross Area 100 m2
Avarage Unit Price 2.194 ₺/m2
Avarage Price       219.400
Amortisation/Time of turnback 22 years

Distribution According to Room Number

Number Of Room Breaks  Area         Unit Price           Price  Time Of  Turnback
1+0 45 m2 3.136 ₺/m2 141.120 18 years
1+1 70 m2 2.756 ₺/m2 192.920 21 years
2+1 100 m2 2.018 ₺/m2 201.800 23 years

The Price Of Houses For Sale In Esenyurt Neighborhoos In İstanbul

Neighborhood December 2018      Annual Avarage Time Of Turnback Change
Akçaburgaz 1.834 ₺/m2 1.818 ₺/m2 25 years % 3,03
Akevler 2.660 ₺/m2 2.688 ₺/m2 22 years % 7,17
Akşemseddin 2.372 ₺/m2 2.417 ₺/m2 28 years % -4,35
Ardıçlı 1.735 ₺/m2 1.737 ₺/m2 20 years % -1,25
Aşık Veysel 3.011 ₺/m2 3.010 ₺/m2 26 years % -3,86
Zafer 3.034 ₺/m2 3.103 ₺/m2 24 years     % 12,00
Yunus Emre 2.159 ₺/m2 2.080 ₺/m2 26 years % 10,27
Yeşilkent 2.732 ₺/m2 2.695 ₺/m2 24 years % 6,43
Yenikent 1.850 ₺/m2 1.920 ₺/m2 21 years % 0,49
Üçevler 2.123 ₺/m2 2.226 ₺/m2 28 years % 11,62
  • The Price Of Houses For Sale In Esenyurt In İstanbul

The prices of the houses which are saled in a year, increased as a ratio % 8.53.

  • Avarage Time Of Turnback Is 22 Years In Esenyurt In İstanbul

Avarage unit price of the square metre for houses in Esenyurt in İstanbul is 2.194 TL. The period of turnback and amortisation of houses which have the same properties are nearly 22 years.

  • Neighborhoods Which Have The Most Incresing For House Prices, In Esenyurt In İstanbul

When we look to the avarages, the neighborhoods which have been increased in value for housing from end of 2018 December in Esenyurt in İstanbul were Mevlana, Zafer, Üçevler, Yunus Emre and Koza.

  • Neighborhoods Which Have The Most Decreasing For House Prices, In Esenyurt In İstanbul

When we look to the avarages, the neighborhoods which have been decreased in value for housing from end of 2018 December in Esenyurt in İstanbul were Şehitler, Çınar, Hürriyet, Bağlarçeşme and Osmangazi.

  • Neighborhoods Which Have Been Earned Faster In Esenyurt In İstanbul

When the amortisation periods are taken care, the neighborhoods which have been earned faster from others  end of 2018 December in Esenyurt in İstanbul were Atatürk, Esenkent, Üçevler, Akşemseddin, Osmangazi.

  • Neighborhoods Which Have Been Earned Later In Esenyurt In İstanbul

When the amortisation periods are taken care, the neighborhoods which have been earned later from others  end of 2018 December in Esenyurt in İstanbul were Sultaniye, Turgut Özal, Güzelyurt, Ardıçlı, Mehmet Akif Ersoy.




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