About Eyupsultan

About Eyupsultan

Eyüpsultan is a big and important district of İstanbul City. For all centuries the city was used for different civilizations which leaved many residues from ancient times. Eyüpsultan is hosted massive cultures until today. Big importance of city comes firstly being part of İstanbul and good location.

History of Eyüpsultan District

Eyüpsultan district had huge importance in civilizations life for both location and cultural, regional importance of city. The city is located near the estuary (which is called “Haliç” in local language) and had dense forest due to elgible climate and location conditions. Greek, Rome and Ottoman Empires gave great attention and value to Eyüpsultan district and they accepted the region as a capital of management activities, cultural importance and trade activities.

Eyüpsultan name is given by Ottomans and today the place uses with that name. The history of Eyüpsultan name has a magical and regional importance. Hz.Eyyüp El Ensari (Ensar which means anybody who hosts immigrated people to his home or place/ He hosted Hz. Muhammed (s.a.v)) went to İstanbul during 7th century to conquer İstanbul city as Arab people. However Hz. Eyyüp El Ensari was died there during fight after centuries later a cleric (Akşemseddin who was teacher of Sultan and Conqurer II. Mehmet) found out the tomb of Hz. Eyyüp and they convert the region in to a tomb and mosque. First settlement after conquest of İstanbul was done to Eyyüpsultan region. Today city is enlarged towards to Haliç direction.

The sacred deposits (which are belongs to İslam Prophet) were held in Eyyüpsultan mosque but today they all transferred to Ayasofya (Known in West culture as Hagia Sofia).

Historical Places of Eyüpsultan District

Eyüpsultan district has historical and regional importance for all Muslims. Hz.Eyyüp’s tomb was built by Ottoman with the order of Sultan Conqueror Mehmed. After taken of İstanbul by Turks, Hz.Eyyüp tomb and mosque was constructed in 1459. Eyüpsultan district has many different historical places and structures today. Taps, inns, mosques, church and other structures are shown to people to realize background of place. The city has above one hundred historical places. Many people visited there during their İstanbul trip. The tomb which is constructed for Hz.Eyüp also has a title that was first built structure in İstanbul by Turks.

Adile Sultan Toms: The tomb is known as Mehmed Ali Pasha Toms where is located in Eyüpsultan district.

Uryanizade Ahmed Esad Efendi Tomb: Ahmed Esad Efendi was a cleric which served as Sheikh al-Islam during 1878 and 1889. After passing away, the tomb was built by the order of Sultan II. Abdülhamid. Ferhat Paşa Tomb: The tombs was built by Ferhat Pasha in 1595 by himself in Feshane Street. Surdışı Nişancı Ferudun Paşa Türbesi: In 1583 the tomb was built by Architect Mimar in Beybaba Street in 1583. Deftardar Nazlı Mahmud Efendi Mosque and Tomb: The tomb and mosque was built by Architect Mimar. The structure is situated in entrance of Eyyüp province in 1582. Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Tomb: the huge and important structure has a signature of Architect Sinan again. The structure has madrasah, tomb and tap. Today madrasah part of structure is converted into the health clinic. Lala Mustafa Pasha Tombs: The tomb is situated in courtyard of Eyyüpsultan Mosque. The Structure is constructed by Architect Sinan in 1580.

Places to Visit in Eyüpsultan District

  • Piere Loti Hill: The hill was built in 19th century during Ottoman times. Pierre Loti meets the Eyüpsultan Tomb from the top of hill. Pierre Loti gives a positive impact on foreign visitors due to natural and massive and charming scenery.
  • Eyüpsultan Müzisyenler Cafeteria: The cafeteria was made by Mihrişah Sultan who was mother of Sultan III. Selim. Turkish music giants made music there erstwhile. Today the construction is despair and lost his importance but people can see the structure and residues from old time.
  • Kemerburgaz and Göktürk: Due to landscape architect, Kemeburgaz and Göktürk areas are arranged. Natural and clean air, fascinating scenery is effective on peoples liking. There are also villas are constructed during last few years.
  • İsfanbul : Shopping centers, demonstrations area, theme parks are available in İsfanbul which was built in 2013 around the Eyüpsultan district. The place gives a massive contribution to İstanbul’s presentation and tourism activities.
  • Feshane: Feshane was built by Sultan II. Mahmud in order to supply military uniforms to soldiers. Today the place uses as fair area and congress center for international gatherings. During Ramadan iftar organizations are held and given to people meal and shows are also made there.
  • Santral İstanbul: Central was built by Ottoman Empires in order to compensate İstanbul electricity needs in 1911. Until 1983 the center was used with same purpose and after closing in 2007, Central is again made active as industrial archaeological museum. Last over 10 years facility was hosted many visitors from all over the world.
  • Ayvat Bendi: Ayvat Bendi is built by Sultan III. Mustafa in 1765. Today center uses as promenade area for residents of surroundings.
  • Caferpaşa Medresesi: Caferpaşa was a diplomat who served as a gun keeper during Suleiman the Magnificent. The structure is composed of both madrasah, tomb, mosque and tap which is built by Architect Sinan in 1577.

Transportation Conditions in Eyüpsultan

Buses network and railways are active in city center to all directions in İstanbul city. Also taxis and minibuses are active for transportation.

 Annual Averages for Housing in Eyüpsultan District

Annual Gross Area 105 Sq/m
Annual Gross Price 3.671 ₺/ sq/m
Annual Price 385.455
Depreciation 19 years

Dispersion According to Number of Rooms

Construction Area Annual Price Price Depreciation
1+0 50 Sq/m 7.096 ₺/ Sq/m 354.800 24 years
1+1 68 Sq/m 3.612 ₺/ Sq/m 245.616 15 years
2+1 90 Sq/m 3.501 ₺/ Sq/m 315.090 22 years

Housing For Sale Prices in Eyüpsultan District

Neighborhood January 2019  Annual Average Depreciation Change
Akpınar 2.240 ₺/sq/m 2.240 ₺/ sq/m years % 00.00
Akşemsettin 3.016 ₺/ sq/m 3.157 ₺/ sq/m 27 years % -2,49
Alibeyköy 3.645 ₺/ sq/m 3.384 ₺/ sq/m 25 years % 14,69
Çırçır 3.160 ₺/ sq/m 3.168 ₺/ sq/m 26 years % 2,63
Defterdar 3.615 ₺/ sq/m 3.699 ₺/ sq/m 21 years % -7,92
Yeşilpınar 3.208 ₺/ sq/m 3.281 ₺/ sq/m 28 years % 0,82
Topçular 4.678 ₺/ sq/m 5.288 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % -13,61
Silahtarağa 3.148 ₺/ sq/m 3.118 ₺/ sq/m 22 years % -0,51
Sakarya 3.581 ₺/ sq/m 3.452 ₺/ sq/m 25 years % 15,40
Rami Yeni 3.024 ₺/ sq/m 3.000 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % 1,00
  • House for Sale Prices in Eyüpsultan

Average houses are built in 105 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices decreased with the percent of %2.11.

  • Average Depreciation Time is 19 years in Eyüpsultan

Unit price for each square in Eyüpsultan is 3671 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 19 years.

  • Most Valued Houses in Eyüpsultan

Nişancı, Sakarya, Alibeyköy, Göktürk Merkez, Emniyettepe neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Most Lost Valued Houses in Eyüpsultan

Mithatpaşa, Topçular, Defterdar, Merkez, Akşemsettin  neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Earnings Too Fast in Eyüpsultan with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Eyüpsultan are Göktürk Merkez, Mithatpaşa, Yeşilpınar, Akşemsettin, Nişancı neighborhoods in turn.

  • Earnings Too Slow in Eyüpsultan with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Eyüpsultan are Akpınar, Güzeltepe, Defterdar, Silahtarağa, Emniyettepe  neighborhoods in turn.

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