About Kucukcekmece

About Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece is a district of Istanbul city. Last few years importance of the district increased and many people start to live and settle there. Kucukcekmece is a cute and beautiful district that also has coast to Marmara Sea. Kucukcekmece district is located in west part of Istanbul in Europe part. Cultural activities and social life style are so active in the city due to developed organization.

Kucukcekmece is located in west Marmara and surrounded with Zeytinburnu from east direction, Başakşehir from north side, Esenyurt from west direction. The city has 21 different neighborhood and covered by Kucukcekmece Lake from west side and Marmara Sea from south direction. Kucukcekmece district has massive job possibilities and fascinating facilities that is built by both naturally and also man made.

History of Kucukcekmece District

Kucukcekmece district has traces of old time civilizations. Many different cultures were settle there due to good location features and coasts to both Sea and Lake. The caves which is situated in district shows that previous stages were seen in the region. Especially in Yarımburgaz caves were hosted people who lived in ancient times. We can easily make a deduction from caves, people who lived before, were dealing with hunting and fishing as a professional.

Kucukcekmece had great and stratejic importance like as today. During Byzantium time, they have ipmortant roads that connect places which was ruled by Byzantium. That roads were named as Via Egnetia. Main roads of Via Egnatia was situated on Kucukcekmece region. After conquest of Istanbul by Ottoman Empire, Sultan Conqureor Mehmed ordered to restore and maintane to bridges and main roads which was belong to Kucukcekmece region.

Once Kucukcekmece district connected to Yeşilköy for management as a village. After developing and getting larger Kucukcekmece converted into a huge city center. In 1987 Kucukcekmece region was accepted as one of the district of Istanbul city with 21 different neighborhood. The city is mainly located between Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake.

Population of Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece district has massive human population that more than many city population which is situated in Turkey. According to official statement that is made in 2016, the district has 766.609 human population. Male and Female rate is divided into equally for both two side.

Geographical Features of Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece district is located on Çatalca Peninsula.

Also E 80 highway is an another border which is start north and that is ended with Marmara Sea from west direction.

Kucukcekmece is hosted some important structures which one of them is Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadium. 80.000 people can attend at the same time to any facility at the same time. TEM E 80 and D100 highways are another stratejik destinations for region. A railway network that keep on until Europe is also starts in Kucukcekmece district.

Kucukcekmece has valued water supply also. Different kind of rivers and Kucukcekmece Lake is good possibility for region people.

Climate Conditions in Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece is surrounded by lake and sea from west and south side. This part of city has Mediterranean Climate features. Winter time is warm and rainy, summer time is hot and dry at that part of the city. İnner part and other part of the city has different features. Black Sea Climate features and also for inner parts Anatolian Continental Climate features can be seen due to big mountains and being away from sea effect. Dense forest and Maki called plants are at every part of the district.

Transportation Possibilities in Kucukcekmece

The district has developed transportation network and highways.

Places to Visit in Kucukcekmece

  • Kibrithane
  • Balıkçı Island
  • Kucukcekmece Beach
  • Bathonea Ancient City Excavation Area
  • Yarımburgaz Cave
  • Cultural Centers
  • ArmoniPark Shopping Center
  • ArenaPark Shopping Center
  • Menekşe Beach
  • Mehmet Arsay Classical Automobile Museum
  • Cennet Neighborhood and Hürriyet Street

Yarımburgaz Cave

The cave was hosted old people from many centuries ago. The place is located about 2 km away from Kucukcekmece Lake. The Cave was announced as protected area in 2001.

Kucukcekmece Lake

West part of Kucukcekmece has a border with Kucukcekmece Lake. The lake is hosted so many different fishes and bird kinds. The area of Lake 16 square meter and deepest part was measured 20 meter. This natural beauty deserves to be seen.

Kavaklı Amusement Park

Many different kind of toys are available in amusement park. Not only children but also adults can get in and have too much fun with different activities. In Kavaklı Amusement Park you can experience, Discovery Toy, Crazy Dance, Gondola, Crushed Cars, Train, Copper Toys entertain.

Cost way or E-5 highway can be used for reaching to Kavaklı Amusement Park. You can also go there by metro. You can have a great time with your relatives because fun possibilities are too much in the facility.

Sefaköy Culture Center

Culture Center is served to all residents of region for education subject and social details. Also some courses about giving talent to any discipline or language education or other fields is given to people who eager to learn something. Different kind of courses are arranged in center and expert teachers are responsible for courses.

Mehmet Arsay Classical Automobile Museum

Mehmet Arsay who is founder of museum, had an interest to antic cars. İstanbul city has 3 different classical automobile museums and one of them opened by Mehmet Arsay in Kucukcekmece district. Museum has over 120 years old cars which can be the first car in the world.

Florya Atatürk Sea Mansion

Florya which is located in between Yeşilköy province and Kucukcekmece District, has a pavilion that was used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  Atatürk was used the facility in rder to get relax especially during summer times. Today the Mansion was converted in to a museum which is hosted visitors between 09.00 and 17.00 in an ordinary day.

Annual Averages for Housing in Kucukcekmece District

Annual Gross Area 100 Sq/m
Annual Gross Price 3.212 ₺/sq/m
Annual Price 321.200
Depreciation 21 years

Dispersion According to Number of Rooms

Construction Area Price of Unit Price Depreciation
1+0 43 Sq/m 4.697 ₺/sq/m 201.971 23 Years
1+1 65 Sq/m 3.965 ₺/sq/m 257.725 22 Years
2+1 90 Sq/m 3.147 ₺/sq/m 283.230 22 Years

Housing for Sale Prices in Kucukcekmece District

Neighborhood January 2019  Annual Average Depreciation Change
Atakent 4.544 ₺/sq/m 4.499 ₺/sq/m 25 Years % 4,24
Atatürk 2.271 ₺/sq/m 2.563 ₺/sq/m 15 Years % -23,30
Beşyol 3.173 ₺/ sq/m 3.260 ₺/ sq/m 21 Years % -7,98
Cennet 3.328 ₺/sq/m 3.325 ₺/ sq/m 26 years % 3,13
Cumhuriyet 2.998 ₺/ sq/m 3.028 ₺/ sq/m 27 Years % -0,56
Yeşilova 3.040 ₺/ sq/m 3.034 ₺/ sq/m 24 Years % 2,70
Yeni Mahalle 3.006 ₺/ sq/m 3.032 ₺/ sq/m 24 Years % -2,24
Yarımburgaz 3.359 ₺/ sq/m 3.342 ₺/ sq/m 26 Years % 3,83
Tevfikbey 2.694 ₺/ sq/m 2.820 ₺/ sq/m 22 Years % -5,90
Sultan Murat 2.880 ₺/ sq/m 2.933 ₺/ sq/m 25 Years % -0,24
  • House for Sale Prices in Kucukcekmece

Average houses are built in 100 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %13.64.

  • Average Depreciation Time is 21 years in Kucukcekmece

Unit price for each square in Kucukcekmece is 3212 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 21 years.

  • Most Valued Houses in Kucukcekmece

Fatih, Kemalpaşa, Fevzi Çakmak, İstasyon, Atakent neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Most Lost Valued Houses in Kucukcekmece

Atatürk, Beşyol, Kartaltepe, Tevfikbey, Söğütlü Çeşme neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Earnings Too Fast in Kucukcekmece with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Kucukcekmece are Fatih, Cumhuriyet, Yarımburgaz, Cennet, Atakent neighborhoods in turn.

  • Earnings Too Slow in Kucukcekmece with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Kucukcekmece are Kucukcekmece İkitelli osb, Atatürk, Mehmet Akif, İnönü, Beşyol neighborhoods in turn.

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