About Antalya

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About Antalya

Do you want to get acquainted with the Turkish city of Antalya?

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Antalya – Turkey

Many people know Turkey with Antalya city. Turkey’s main tourism and culture city is Antalya. Antalya is located in the south part of Turkey.

Mediterranean Sea gives an attraction to Antalya.

Because of city beauty many foreign people who are citizen of different Europe and Asia nations, decided to settle city of Antalya permanently.

Antalya host million of tourist in a year from all over the world. Especially in summer season city convert into a beautiful and elegant woman.

Coasts, boulevards, wooden homes and narrow stone made streets all of them cause to fell in love with this charming city.

Antalya has an award as the fourth most visited city in the world. Approximately 10 million people come to Antalya for each year.

has a natural miracle that you can see different part of the city one people can swim in the sea and the other one is can ski on snowy mountains at the same time.

4 different season can be seen in Antalya in a year. Lara and Kemer Beaches are the famous beaches in Antalya.

Especially in summer season, you can barely find a sunbed in the beach.

A king whose name is Pergamon named the Antalya for the first time as Attaleia city in BC.200.Before the Ottoman rule times city was occupied by Romans, Seljuks in turn.

Antalya city’s symbol comes from 13th Century. The great structure and elegant architectural which was named as Yivli Minareli Cami was decorated the city.

That mosque is a signature for Antalya city center in now.

5 stars hotels is located in Antalya and so many people use this facilities especially in summer season.

Fascinating beaches, perfect nature, dense forest and residues of many civilization wait for you.

Mosques, beaches, coasts, little and cute shopping centers, luxury hotels, fair centers and cultural organizations are available in the Antalya city.

Many people describe Antalya as the center of meeting cultures and dreams you can ever have.

Weather in Antalya

الطقس في انطاليا
Weather in Antalya

Antalya has a typical weather conditions according to its location. Mediterranean climate affects can be seen most part of city.

Inner part pf the city has Anatolian Continental climate. As a conclusion Antalya has hot and dry summer seasons and humidity raises the temperature which feel by people.

Sometimes 40 degrees can be seen in an ordinary summer day. Therefore if you have a plan to visiting Antalya’s beaches you have to use suntan cream before swimming.

Beaches have people density especially in summer times. In Antalya people can see sun around 300 days in a year. Therefore holiday season stay alive for a long time in the city.

Antalya has a limited winter conditions. We can describe the Antalya winters as mild and rainy.

Because of dense rain, flooding can be seen couple of times in a year. experiences winter times 10 degrees averagely in a year.

Maybe we can have a result that most beautiful times of Antalya can be accepted as spring times.

Because dense rain or sun can’t annoy anyone. Everybody feel comfortable in spring times in Antalya.

People can swim in Antalya approximately 9 months in a year. This is a miracle for a city. is surrounded by a special plant that is called as “Maki”.

Antalya has also limited forest with different kind of trees and steppe plants.


If you ask any Turk which city is the best for you, the answer will be Antalya. Attractive beauty and perfect sea increases the population of the city.

Also job possibility and level of prosperity enforce the people to immigrate to Antalya city.

According to official statement Antalya city has 2 million 3 hundred thousand population. In holiday times city population ascend to ten million level.

Antalya is chosen by Russian and German people mostly.


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Antalya Airport

Antalya International Airport code (AYT) which located 10 km far from city center, provide people to reach charming city of Antalya.

Especially in summer times too much fight is done different destinations of all over the world. Antalya has a developed railway system and also highway links to district of city center.

Local Foods: Kebab, fish meals, braised meat, Lahmacun( special meal which is prepared with minced meat and dough)and any other tastes are also served by qualified chefs.

Way of Life in Antalya

Antalya has the best coast of Turkey. Last time of sunny days which last for 5 months is an advantage to swim lovers.

Cost of living in Antalya is very cheap because of local currency. Turkish Liras worth is lower than dollar and euro currencies.

Cheapness and incredible beauty of the city effect people deeply.

Antalya is a very famous and popular city. Some facilities for fun is so developed.

Night clubs, luxury hotels, beaches and cultural residues are all value for the city.

Places to Visit in Antalya

Kaleiçi: Kaleiçi’s history extends back to ancients times. The wall that is stationed in the center is built in different times.

With the help of great civilization give an aid to history of Kaleiçi. Rome, Ottoman Empire are two of the civilization that built the magic district.

Kaleiçi is surrounded by stone made walls. 80 different sign can be seen from the Kaleiçi’s wall.

Kaleiçi also have wooden houses that was built with the impact of Ottoman architectural mentality.

 Old Antalya Houses: Wooden and stone made houses is placed in Kaleiçi district of Antalya.

Yivli Mosque: Yivli mosque was built in 13th century in Alaeddin Keykubat times.

The structure is placed near the center port of Antalya.

Ulu Mosque: Many part of mosque was tear downed because of undergoing many centuries.

The structure was built in 5th century and now uses as a mosque after restoration.

Karatay Madrasah: Many famous scientists was raised in Madrasah in Ottoman times.

One of the madrasah is Karatay Madrasah was built in 14th century by Seljuk Turks. The madrasah is used as a museum for now.

Evdir İnn: Inn is a structure that was used until 19th century all over the world for accommodation especially traders.

Evdir inn was built in Seljuk times and was stationed near Antalya and Korkuteli highway.

Inns had great importancefor developing trade and economy between two different nations.

Inn also can be accepted as a hotel for now.

Kırkgöz Inn : Kırkgöz Inn was built between the city of Antalya and Afyon. The structure was used in old times as a station for traders. Many people were relaxed there and memory was conserved there for today people.

Düden Waterfall: Düden waterfall is a natural beauty and is placed 10 km far away from city center.

Many people want to see Düden waterfall especially in summer season.

The water falls about from 20 meters height.

Düden waterfall is accepted as a symbol of city. Main source of waterfall is Kırkgöz location.

Kurşunlu Waterfall: Kurşunlu waterfall is located east part of Antalya.

Any people can go to Kurşunlu with heading to 24th km of Alanya highway after that entering the Isparta direction you can reach the destinationafter 7 km.

All part of waterfall region can be seen after half hours walking. People can catch fish and can see glorious part of nature with forest and lake.

Bus and special cars have a regular journey from center of Antalya to Kurşunlu Waterfall direction.

شاطئ لارا, شاطئ, لارا
Lara Beach

Lara – Konyaaltı Beaches: is a famous city with great nature and beautiful beaches. Most famous and demanded beach of Antalya is Lara and Konyaaltı beach’s.

Lara and Konyaaltı beaches are located in the east part of Antalya also 10 km far away from the city center.

People can swim and have sunbathe also can accommodate in luxury hotels. Many tourists come to world famous beaches in summer times.

Perge : Perge is a special city that was built BC.7, century especially for Cristian people.

it is located in Aksu district and was stationed east part of the city center.

People can get there after a small 18 km length trip by bus or special taxi.

it was used as an ancient city which was located Kilikia and Psidia civilizations.

Saint Paulo and Barnabas which are special figures in Christianity faith visited Perge city once.

Perge city was discovered during an excavation which was made by İstanbul University.

City has stadium, theatre and street facilities.

Karain Cave: Karain cave is an another value for culture. Many people visit Karain Cave in different times of year.

Karain Cave is located north west part of city and also 27 km far away from city center. Some residues that belong to Paleolithic Ages, can be seen in the cave.

Ariassos : Ariassos is a historical structure that was built near of a mountain. it has Turkish Baths, stone made graveyards and other historical residues.

Ariassos is stationed about 50 km far away from city center. After reaching the  and Burdur haighway’s 48th km visitors should turn to left path way.

After heading straight for 1 km you can see the structure near the foothills. Ariassos also named “3 gate”. The structure is a work from Roman times.

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