About Izmir

About Izmir

Izmir, is the third biggest city in Turkey. It located in Aegoen Sea. One of the most important universities, Dokuz Eylul University and Ege University located in Izmir. Izmir has been developing economically and provides many job opportunities for young population.

History of Izmir

Izmir host many civilizations, philosophers and so on. Aristotle had a thought for this city, “if you don’t see, you will lack of this beauty.” Izmir was an important city in ancient times. Izmir’s estublishment is not sure but from past to present this city is substencial with its weather, sea and modern life resources. Symrina, this city’s Greek name used until 20th century. It is thought that the village, Tepekule, is the first establishment place in Symrina. Many research shows that Izmir exists from 1300 B.C. and many civilizations lived in this city. After the attacks of Persion Empire, Ancient Symrina fall down. After that one of the biggest kings Alexander the Great makes that city more livable and functional. Later on, in 1317 A.C., Izmir acceded Aydinoglu Umur Bey. After that time, Izmir stayded in Turkish administiration. Izmir is the most biggest seaport in East Medditarean reagon. This city is really livable with it’s universities, young population, architecture, logistic and industry.

Geographical Location of Izmir

Izmir keeps the characteristic features of the coast Aegoen region. The city is formed with horsts and grabens. Izmir is encircled with Ömerdag, Madra and Yunt mountains. The most famous cities in ancient times like Efes can still be visited from travelers all over te world. The most important river basins in Turkey is located in Izmir.

Climate of Izmir

الطقس في ازمير
Weather in izmir

Izmir is in Mediterranein climate region. So that the weather dominantly moisty and warm. Mountains located perpendicular to the sea. For this reason, not only the coast but also the upcountry effected from Mediterranein climate and throught the year the amount of rain is elevated and the temperature is high.

Vegetation Cover of Izmir

Mediterranein climate gets under the influence of Izmir’s flora. It’s flora is maquis and many characteristic plants can be shown in this area like olives, blackberry, terebinth, cranberry and so on.

Historical and Tourist Attraction Places in Izmir

ازمير القديمة
Old Izmir

It was a house for so many civilizations. That’s why there are plenty of historical and touristic places in this city. There are so many museums, Turkish baths, bridges, aqueducts, fountains, churches, mosques, temples are some of them. There are also ancient places and remnants like Ephesus, Pergamon, Erytharia, Klaros and so many others. It provides the visitors so magical times in this city’s historical places.


In Izmir, two culturel entities shroud from UNESCO World Heritage list and three culturel entities shroud the provisional list of World Heritage. Ephesus and Pergamon is in the UNESCO World Heritage list and in the provisional list of World Heritage Birgi Historical town, Foca and Candarli castles exist.

Pergamon Multi-layered Landscape Area

Pergamon keeps Helenistic buildings, Roman period structures and Ottoman Empire constructions. This area holds many unique structures like theathers, libraries from Helenistic period. Also Zeus, Dionysos temples are very significant buildings that set light to the ancient times. Pergamon is not only an art space but it was also health center. Asklepion that is the most important healh center were located in Pergamon. Ephesus World Heritage Area Ephesus is an importan place to show us past civilization’s architecture and religius structures. So, it is in the World Heritage list and it is under protection of UNESCO. Ephesus maintain from prehistoric period to present and hosted important civilizations like Greek civilization, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire. This area contains early christian period structures, islamic buildings that is important to show us how to religious differentiations were formed in this area.

Birgi Historical Town

Birgi town hosted Phrygian civilization ( 750-680 B.C.), Lydia civilization (680-546 B.C), Persian Empire, Pergamon Empire, Rome and Byzantine Empire. For that reason it is possible that we could find sturctures, buildings from different civilizations.

Foca and Candarli Castles

قلعة فوتشا ازمير
Foca Castle

Foca castle hosted Persian, Macedonia, Genoa and Ottoman civilizations. In present day, this castle used as open-air theatre. Candarli castle belonges to archaic period but the construction time is not precise. It is known that this castle used for trade purpose.

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