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Property Prices In Turkey 2021

As in past years the real estate sector in Turkey, Istanbul again stands out as the most dynamic cities. Moreover, the experienced coronavirus outbreak in real estate sales over the past year that assume a […]

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Real Estate sector in Turkey

In a country where the real estate sector is growing, the growth rate of the sub-sectors also increases. This is due to the fact that it is not a stand-alone area but also gives vitality […]

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Hagia Sophia: Church, Mosque and Museum

Hagia Sophia has been named as a church, mosques, and museums in different eras and is still among the most important monuments of the world’s historical heritage. Hagia Sophia, which has an ancient history, is […]

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أفضل المدن السياحية في تركيا

Turkey’s most Beautiful Tourist Cities

What the most Beautiful Tourist Cities in Turkey? Turkey receives thousands of foreign tourists every year, thanks to its 81 cities, each of which has a distinct natural and historical beauty.  with its sea, sun, […]

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Turkish visa for citizens of Egypt

Egyptian citizens must obtain some official permits to come to Turkey. Turkey is an important transport point due to Turkey’s geopolitical position and using it as a transit point for many citizens of different countries […]

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اسطنبول, istanbul, turkey, تركيا

Things to do in Istanbul City

Turkey, which have throats thanks to its geographical location, which is surrounded on three sides by the sea and because of its nature and commercial and economic size in addition to its historical beauty, is […]

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تأشيرة تركيا

Turkish visa for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

Citizens of Saudi Arabia must pay attention to several points when obtaining a Turkish visa. In general, the terms of the Turkish visa for Saudi Arabia citizens can be summarized as follows: All citizens of […]

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istanbul weather

Istanbul Weather

Istanbul is a beautiful city; people do not want to leave once they are in. It is a city of magical beauty with many crowds and chaos but you cannot stay apart. Istanbul has not […]

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Istanbul Restaurants

Istanbul Restaurants

Take a look at Istanbul! Istanbul has a population of over than 16 million people. When you add tourists and people from different countries and cultures living in Istanbul, a culture rich in its food […]

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