Buy Real Estate in Antalya

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Buy Real Estate in Antalya

Do you need to buy real estate in Antalya?

Antalya, has an important place in the Properties sector in Turkey for sale. In addition, housing project prices in Antalya, apartments for sale, office village campaigns, delivery dates, payment plans, places, three-dimensional views, floor and status plans and contact information can be found on the Realyt Group website.

There are many information in Realyt Group Antalya website about transportation, economy and real estate campaigns for the investers and buyers.

Antalya is one of the most important cities about tourism so that every day new investment projects start. Especially in summers, construction industry is developing  in Antalya.

About Antalya

Antalya is located in Mediterrian Region and it is between Gulf Antalya and Taurus Mountains. Antalya is developed in tourism so that this city is the 6th crowded city in Turkey. Economy is developing from trade, farming and tourism.

Investment Regions in Antalya

In tourism capital of Turkey, Antalya real estate prices raised day by day. Old Lara Street, Kemerağzı Hotels Region, Konyaaltı Beach Way, Kuzeykent, Yeniköy, Yeşilbahçe and Fener is the most developed regions about real estate prices in Antalya and the most expencive prices in Antalya is in the Konyaaltı Street. Also,  Yeşilbayır, Kuzeykent, Varsak, Doğuvilayeti, Yeniköy, Ermenek, Çalkaya, Karaçalı and Aksu regions are thought that will be raised in the coming period.

According to Years, The Numbers of House for Sale in Antalya

According to Turkey Statistical Institude data in Antalya in 2008 – 24.821 pieces, in 2009 – 30.602 pieces, in 2010 – 31.419 pieces, in 2011 – 35.451 pieces, in 2012  – 34.555 pieces, in 2013 – 59.478 pieces, in 2014 – 62.227 pieces of house has been sold. In 2015, throught October 52.624 pieces of house has  been sold.

The Number of House for Sale for Foreigns in Antalya

According to Turkey Statistical Institude data in Antalya between January 2015 and October 2015, 5073 piece of house has been sold to foreign investors. According to years, the sales distrubitions are determined in  January – 392, in February – 356, in March – 451, in April – 507, in May – 546, in June – 610, in July – 686, in August – 518, in September – 440 and in October 567 pieces of house has been sold.

Transportation in Antalya

In the city center, blackroad, railway and seaway can be used.

In the east side of the city there is an airport and this airport can be used for not only many cities and distincts of Turkey but also it can be used for international area.

You can visit housing project website to get any information about the luxury projects in Turkey.

Antalya Region Report

In Antalya house for sale prices raised 0.24% in previous month and avarage unit price for metersquare is 2.082 TL and avarage depreciation time is 18 years.

So that, according to region reports and real estate index, in 2018 avarage price is shown between 154.142 TL and 260.200 TL.

House for Sale Prices in Antalya

In Antalya, house for sale prices are raised 19.86% in previous year. The avarage size of a house has been sold is 120 metersquare in Antalya.

Avarage Depreciation Time in Antalya is 21 Years

In Antalya, avarage unit price fro metersquare is 2011 TL and avarage depreciation time is 21 years.

 Housing for Sale Price The Most Raised Distincts in Antalya

When we take a look at the annual avarage, from December 2018 Gazipaşa, Elmalı, Alanya, Demre and Kaş have the most raised prices in Antalya.

The Fastest Money Making Distincts in Antalya

When we give importance to depreciation time, from December 2018  Kaş, Demre, Kemer, Elmalı and Korkuteli  are the fastest money making areas in Antalya.

The Slowest Money Making Distincts in Antalya

When we give importance to depreciation time, from December 2018 İbradı, Kepez, Muratpaşa, Konyaaltı and Döşemealtı are the slowest money making areas in Antalya.

Properties for Sale Prices in Antalya Distincts

Distincts December 2018 Annual Avarage Depreciation Change
Akseki 1.282 ₺/m2 23 year % 00.00
Aksu 2.497 ₺/m2 2.199 ₺/m2 26 year % 27,4
Alanya 2.735 ₺/m2 2.310 ₺/m2 27 year % 40,69
Demre 1.903 ₺/m2 1.529 ₺/m2 35 year % 34,68
Döşemealtı 2.102 ₺/m2 1.846 ₺/m2 23 year % 24,45
Kaş 5.993 ₺/m2 4.880 ₺/m2 48 year % 32,76
Kemer 3.004 ₺/m2 3.032 ₺/m2 29 year % 8,96
Konyaaltı 3.118 ₺/m2 2.827 ₺/m2 22 year % 23,58
Korkuteli 1.401 ₺/m2 1.348 ₺/m2 28 year % 11,81
Kumluca 1.677 ₺/m2 1.559 ₺/m2 25 year % 15,34
Manavgat 1.623 ₺/m2 1.478 ₺/m2 24 year % 12,94
Muratpaşa 2.384 ₺/m2 2.194 ₺/m2 22 year % 17,61
Serik 1.796 ₺/m2 1.704 ₺/m2 27 year % 6,15

Properties for sale in Antalya

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